Facts of Life and Love

A Great Idea …

“Many relationship problems aren’t truly ‘problems’ at all; they are facts of life. If you label something as a problem, you imply that it has a solution. If you label it a fact of life, you understand that you simply need to learn to live with it.” (Susan Page, in her book, Why Talking is Not Enough, p. 57)

In Other Words …

When our partners have habits or personality traits that we don’t like, we may think that we can “fix” our partners and make them act in ways we think they should. They reality is that about 70% of what we don’t like about our partner will never change. If we choose to accept our partners as they are and enjoy their strengths, we will find greater satisfaction and contentment in our relationships.

How This Applies to You…

What aspects of your partner or relationship bother you? Can you accept those things? Try to focus your thoughts and attention on the qualities you enjoy in your partner and relationship instead of dwelling on the irritations.

To Find Out More…

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