Celebrating God


Driving the Pharisaism Out of Our Souls
Seeing the Forest in the Trees: The Sacred Invitation of the Temple
A Little-Known Debate in Heaven
A New Robe
Seek the Face of the Lord Always
“God is a lot better at being God than I am.”
May God Our Gold Refine
Women in the House
The Balm of Gilead
Welcoming Heaven into Today
What Earthly Good Are Heavenly Beings?Reminders of Christ
The Power of Restored Doctrines: The Latter-day Saint Claim to Truth
The Law in Heaven and on Earth
The Mythical Power of Evil
God Dragged Before Another Earthly Tribunal
Enduring to the End of Garbage
Coming Home in a Pine Box
The Magic Moment
What Do I Have to Offer?
Simple Blessings
Is the Universe Friendly?
Guiding Our Lives: Feelings and Fortune Cookies
The Great Discovery: Jesus as the Balm of Humanity
The Conspiracy of Nature: Are We Set Up for Failure?
Stuck in the Second Act of Truth’s Three-Act Play The Accidental Architect
What is Real?
A Predictable Process for Joy
Welcoming the Messenger of Heaven
Getting From Childishness to Godliness
God’s Plan – Kinder than We Dare to Expect
Flourishing in the Course of Life
Going Down the Waterslide of God’s Embrace
The Cheeriest Person in the Universe
Personality and Perfection
“I Could Not Believe it Myself”
The Mystery of Jesus
The Lesson of the Washing Machine Hose
Toddling toward Godliness

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