Thriving in Marriage


Becoming The Right Person
The Importance of Service and Sacrifice
How Can I Get My Partner to Change?
Seek First to Understand
Keys to Vibrant Relationships Are Common Sense but not Common Practice
If You Want to be Happy, Stop Focusing on Your Problems
Are You Seeing Your Partner As the Problem?
How Can I Provide A Safe Haven For My Partner?
Why Should We Encourage Our Partner to Speak?
Who’s Right?
Emotions Matter
What’s The Antidote For Contempt?
Marital Predator
Protect Rather Than Attack
Facts of Life and Love
Healing Comes First
Choosing Loving Actions
Not Imprisoned By Emotions
Fixing The Fights
The Extraordinary Partner
Negativity Spiral
Look Past The Pain
Weeding Your Own Garden
Getting Past The Words
Invite Rather Than Complain
Fanning The Flames
We Cry For Connection
Cure For Irritation
Something Better Than Change
When Your Partner Hurts You
Want a Fight – Or A Solution?
Two Sources of Criticism
Breaking Free of Negativity
Walking In Their World
Drawing Heaven Into Your Marriage – Audio Download
Soften Your Startup
Compassion For All
Automated Irritation
Marital Satisfaction is Largely a Choice
The Problem with Divorce
Satan’s Shell Game
The Advanced Curriculum in Love
Marriage as an Act of Love
When Being Right Isn’t Good Enough
Marriage and the Parting of the Red Sea
Conflict Resolution and the Creation of Peace
The One Source for Happiness

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