Working with People


Blessed Are the Peacemakers
Jesus Wars – Then and Now
Bailing Water and Building Souls
Freedom or Compassion?
Learning from Jesus How to Treat Our Enemies
Newton’s Third Law
Traffic as the Test of Christian Character
Becoming a Godly Healer
Principles of Energy Management
Plugs in the Nurture Pipeline
Honest Lies and Shaded Truths
The Natural Leader is an Enemy to God
The Great Presumption
Big Acts in a Small World
“Have ye any that are sick among you?”
Misunderstanding the Messages
Abandoning Anger
The Trouble with Competition: When Winning is Losing
Are We Not All Beggars?
In Good Company
Charitable Dialogue
Lessons Learned from Embracing the Call
Shafts of Light through the Trees: Cherishing the Things that Matter Most

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